For Authors & Researchers

Overcome linguistic and publication barriers


An AI-powered language correction tool that makes sure that your grammar and vocabulary are correct and language is fluent for effective communication and publication. This is very helpful to ESL writers who want to publish content or research in English, as well as for researchers comfortable in English but want a quick last look on their document. Contact us to know more about Grammatica.

Grammar Quality Check

An editing-level indicator (recommender) that helps you decide whether an article written in English requires editing. Many journals advise authors not proficient in written English to get their papers copyedited before submitting them to journals. Elsevier, for example, cites poor language being a main reason for rejection. Our tool analyzes your document's text on many levels—language, grammar, punctuation, and style—and tells you if your manuscript needs editing or review by a language editor. Try it out.


An application that checks whether a manuscript will be accepted by the journal at the Editorial Check stage (i.e., by the desk editor). Editorial desks are inundated with volumes of article submissions, and the review process at this stage is largely manual. Unreject assesses your document keeping the common reasons of rejection in mind, and informs you which aspects may need improvement.


FindMyJournal™ (FMJ) uses a mathematical and objective algorithm to increase your chances of publication by finding journals best suited to your manuscript. If the manuscript does not fit the aims and scope of a journal, chances are the manuscript will be rejected outright by the journal. Here’s where FMJ helps. It uses a mathematical and objective algorithm to shortlist the best-matched journals for your research article. This tool works best for the medical and biosciences domains.


Open Access Journal Finder (OAJF) enables you to find quality open access journals that are pre-vetted by the Directory of Open Access Journals to protect you from predatory publishers. Our proprietary search algorithm helps you shortlist journals that are most relevant to your manuscript and research objectives, giving you the best chance of publication.