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Overcome linguistic and publication barriers

Trinka AI

The world’s most advanced AI writing assistant designed specifically for academic, scientific, technical, and business writing. This is very helpful to ESL writers who want to publish content or research in English, as well as for researchers comfortable in English but want a quick last look on their document. Launch Trinka AI.

Grammar Quality Check

An editing-level recommender that helps you decide not just whether an article written in English requires editing but also what degree of editing is required. Many journals advise authors not proficient in written English to get their papers copyedited before submitting them to journals. Elsevier, for example, cites poor language being a main reason for rejection. Our tool analyzes your document on many levels—language, grammar, punctuation, and style—and tells you what level of editing is needed for your manuscript. Launch Grammar Quality Check.

AuthorONE v2.0

A manuscript readiness assessment tool that runs 60+ checks that help journal editors and publishers leverage the power of AI in not just bringing in efficiencies across their editorial process but building strategic advantages for long-term benefits. AuthorONE 2.0 comprises several of our cutting-edge AI technologies such as manuscript summarization, keyword suggestions, and more. Launch AuthorONE 2.0


COVID-19 Learning and Research Accelerator (CLARA) is a free AI-powered coronavirus research and clinical trial discovery tool. CLARA uses advanced AI technology. It allows users to make specific queries to large collections of papers on the coronavirus and COVID-19 clinical trials. CLARA was built and released in hopes of accelerating scientific breakthroughs that would help overcome the coronavirus pandemic. Launch CLARA


FindMyJournal™ (FMJ) recommends journals best suited to your manuscript by using a mathematical and objective algorithm. Manuscripts to be submitted to journals must fit the aims and scope of the journal. Else, chances are the manuscript will be rejected outright. Here’s where FMJ helps. This tool works best for the medical and biosciences domains.


Open Access Journal Finder (OAJF) enables you to find quality open access journals that are pre-vetted by the Directory of Open Access Journals to protect you from predatory publishers. Our proprietary search algorithm helps you shortlist journals that are most relevant to your manuscript and research objectives, giving you the best chance of publication.