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Implement machine learning solutions in the STM publishing industry workflows

Grammatica Business

Grammatica Business is an AI-powered tool that automates the time-consuming process of copy-editing scientific content. It is specifically designed for articles from the Scientific, Technical and Medical domains and uses advanced machine learning technology to help publishers produce high-quality content and improve editorial quality. Grammatica Business is platform-agnostic and integrates well with business workflows. For enquiries, contact us. More... »


An editorial check diagnostic tool that checks whether a manuscript meets the journal scope, language requirements, and other parameters that are essential for a manuscript to be sent to the peer review stage. DeskReview helps speed up the initial screening step, thereby helping desk editors deal with the ever-growing pile of manuscripts, leading to reduced review time, faster decision making, quantitative and qualitative feedback, and optimized use of the desk editor's time. A manuscript "passed" by DeskReview will allow reviewers to focus more on the subject matter, improving review quality. To know more about this application, contact us.More... »

FindMyJournalâ„¢ (Publishers)

FindMyJournalâ„¢ (FMJ) for Publishers is a journal recommendation tool for STM publishing houses. Publishers with thousands of journals can find the most appropriate journal for a particular manuscript as there might be hundreds of journals on the same subject area. Automate the manuscript-to-journal process and reduce in-house human errors. For enquiries, contact us.More... »